According to a recent HubSpot study, SMB companies with focused engagement on Twitter are more successful in generating leads than companies not engaging on Twitter.

HubSpot found that companies with a critical mass of 100-500 followers generated 146% more median monthly leads than companies with 20-100 followers. Apart from the reach and possibility to engage in dialog with potential customers, the indexing of Tweets in the search engines would be the single most important reason for the increase in number of leads.

The state of the inbound marketing report 2010 produced by HubSpot also shows that the cost per lead was significantly lower when using inbound marketing tactics. The average cost per lead for the surveyed companies using outbound tactics was $ 332 compared to $ 134 when using inbound tactics.

Being active in more social vehicles is a good tactic to increase your overall visibility and number of relevant touch point. The behavior of the customer, who is increasingly using the online channel for search and evaluation, favors social channels and organic search.

Key in order to generate bottom line results from channels like Twitter is to be consistent in your engagement. Be relevant and supportive and have a high frequency in the number of tweets you produce.