I listened to a speech by Ryan Merket on Facebook Connect yesterday. It was both fascinating and scary. There are obvious upsides for both users and marketers in using Facebook Connect. But, I keep wondering if the users fully understand what they are saying yes to. Sites using the API will have the possibility of pulling the full profile of the user. This is of course beneficial for the user when signing up for a new service, since they only need to choose a username and password (all other data are pulled from the Facebook account). Users will also have the possibility to be presented with more relevant information and services based on the behavior and social interaction of people in their network using the same service.

But, the scary part is how the information might be used. If the information is used in an improper way it might impact the way we socialize on the web and will be detrimental for all

From a pure marketing perspective, though, Facebook Connect has the potential of delivering what no other targeting technology has done so far. It remains to be seen if this will be the new black in behavioral targeting.

What do you think? I’d love to get your opinion!